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Fiber Optic Cables and Connetivity


NDR supplies networks around the nation with top quality fiber optic cables built to the toughest custom specifications. Our fiber optic cables are factory terminated and can fulfill the most demanding networking requirements. Our fiber optic cable capabilities range from supplying large multi-platform networks to simple LANs; and we offer a wide variety of assemblies, from name brand US-made to lower cost alternatives.

62.5um, 50um, Laser Optimized (OM3 & OM4) and Single Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cables 


  • Common lengths: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 meter cables
  • Duplex and Simplex Patch Cords

Multi-Strand Fiber Optic Cables

Do you need to connect a new closet to the MDF? NDR has you covered. Our

factory terminated backbone assemblies are made in the USA and come in custom lengths, fiber counts, connector configurations and jacketing types. Add a pulling eye for easy installtion!

  • 2, 4, 6, 12 and 24-strand pre-fabricated backbone assemblies
  • PVC, Plenum, Indoor/Outdoor
  • Distribution, Breakout, Armored, Hybrid
  • Multimode and Single Mode
  • MTP/MPO Breakouts
  • Custom Pigtails
  • Pulling Eyes
MTP/MPO Fan OutMTP/MPO FirstLight™ Prime Loose Tube TrunkMPO/MTP® 24 Ferrule Trunk Cable Assemblies
Mode Conditioning Fiber Optic Cables
If multimode fiber isn’t providing the capabilities your network requires, consider using our mode conditioning patch cables. NDR has custom and standard mode conditioning cables that can be sent to you in less than 48 hours.
Please call us for more

Mode Conditioning Patch Cords


Custom Made Fiber Optic Assemblies


We specialize in custom fiber optic cable orders. Nearly any length and configuration can be shipped to you within 48 hours. NDR also stocks popular lengths and configurations of multimode and single-mode fiber optic cables.

  • PVC, Plenum, Indoor/Outdoor
  • Custom Pigtails
  • OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, Single Mode
  • PC, UPC and APC polishes available
  • Corning Gold Assemblies (CAH Certified)
  • Bend Insensitive Fiber
  • Custom Lengths and Configurations
  • Custom Labeling
  • Custom Colors Available
  • Government Spec Cables
  • OTDR Launch Boxes
  • Backup Reels   


Neutrik Ruggedized Cables1

Fiber Optic Accessories

NDR has all of the accessories you need.  Rack and wall enclosures, splice boxes, adapter panels, MTP/MPO cassettes, breakout modules, loopback plugs, innerduct, cleaning supplies, testing equipment and more.

3U LGX ChassisUltraSlim PanelUltra High Density Angled UltraSlimline Panel 1U 19″ MPO/MTP – Up to 144 Fibres

Dome 05-09 Fiber Splice Enclosure





 For spools of Fiber Optic Cable, link here     NDR_Bulk_Fiber